Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dressing Room Table...

My bedroom when I am home from university is small so it is more of a dressing room for me with a bed to sleep in. I thought I would do a post on showing how I organise my beauty bits.

My dressing table is my favourite part of my room. I keep all of my most used items on the top which I am always changing. I recently did a post of my favourite beauty items which you can see here.

I got this jewellery holder from a little shop where I live. I think it looks really pretty and I keep all of my most worn jewellery items on display here. I also keep the three beauty products I use daily.

 I use this case that my Chanel perfumes came in to store my makeup brushes because I thought it was the perfect size and I love that it is clear.

 I hang all of necklaces on the back of my door, I think that they add a bit of decoration to my room.

Hope you liked this random kind of post. Please comment below I would love to know what you think. 

x Sophie Louise x

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