Friday, 24 May 2013

Summer Season - Bikinis

It is kinda weird that as I am writing this post about summer the weather outside is so miserable and horrible. Last week I booked a holiday to Ibiza and am super excited however the one thing I hate about going holiday is the fact I have to go bikini shopping. I can never seem to find a bikini that suits my small shape and I end up looking really young when I am actually 20! However this year I have found that there have been some lovely bikinis on the high street and in the space of 3 days I have bought three bikinis. I thought this post would be helpful to those who also feel a bit self conscious in a bikini and thought I would show you the bikinis I purchased. These are great for people with smaller chests and who may feel a bit self conscious. 

River Island
Top - £20.00
Bottoms - £10.00

This bikini from River Island is so nice. The colour is great for summer and the flower detailing is so pretty. This is great for small chests as it is moulded which instantly gives a flattering shape. You can purchase this bikini here.

Ann Summers
Top - £22.00
Bottoms - £12.00
This bikini is my favourite that I purchased. It is from Ann Summers so it you can buy your exact size which is great. You can purchase this bikini here.

Ann Summers
Top - £13.00
Bottoms - £6.00
This was my bargain bikini which was in the Ann Summers sale. At only £19 for this bikini I didn't feel as bad about spending more on the other two. From the picture is didn't look like the top and bottoms woud match but when it arrived it looked lovely. You can buy this bikini here.

I hope you found this post helpful. 
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x Sophie Louise x 

*all bikinis were purchased with my own money. Images taken from company's website page.

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