Monday, 11 June 2012

Summer Nails

It is supposed to be summer but as I am writing this post it is looking pretty miserable outside. When it comes to getting ready for summer I always feel like I have to spend loads of money to get my wardrobe ready. If you haven't got the money to buy loads of new clothes I have found the best way to instantly update an outfit is to wear nail varnish. I am a huge Barry M fan and find that they do a great range of colours that will instantly update your nails. Here are a few of my favourite colours that I have bought for Summer. At the moment their is also an offer on in boots when you spend six pounds or more on Barry M you get a free gift!

Nail varnish from left to right (top row) 296 Coral, 279 Bright Pink, 304 Mint Green, 318 Peach  Melba, (bottom row) 308 Berry, 319 Foil, 317 Blue Moon, 320 Foil, 136 Tangerine

x Sophie Louise x


  1. i love colourful nail varnishes at the moment! they're amazing and you have so many adorable colours *_* jealous! :D


    1. thankyou :) love your blog, i followed :) x