Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Product Review - KMS California, Silk sheen styling cream

 Whenever I get my haircut most of the time I get asked whether I want to purchase any of their products. I’ve always stuck to the high street brands when it comes to haircare, I use Tresemm'e shampoo, conditioner and heat protector, I then use an Asda serum. I have long hair which can be a nightmare to style when its frizzy but I never thought that it was worth splashing out on an expensive serum.  However I recently discovered this serum which my mum bought but didn’t like, she has short fine hair and mines long and thick so thought maybe it would work for me. I can now say I am in love with this serum! I squirt one pump onto my hands apply it to towel dried hair, I then blow dry my hair and apply half a squirt to the lasts bits of frizz. It makes my hair so soft and gives it a salon look. Its £11.95 which is a lot more than I would normally spend, however you get a lot of product and you only need a pea size amount each time you use it. So if your looking for something to combat frizz I would give this a go.
Let me know if you have tried this and what you think, and does anyone else have any hair products that work great to combat frizz ? 

x Sophie Louise x

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