Saturday, 28 July 2012


Since I am studying fashion I am always having to create mood boards for my projects. I also find  creating mood boards with things you like can be a great way to brainstorm a fashion look you want to achieve. I received my monthly Elle magazine through the door so have used it to create a couple of mood boards of the trends I love. I can then use them as inspiration when it comes to buying things for my winter wardrobe. 

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE the Gothic trend! Plum lipstick is such an easy way to change up your look. I have recently re purchased a pair of the studded pumps because I wore mine so much that I decided they were too old and battered. I have my eye on these studded Dr Martens! I have a couple of pairs and they are so comfy, but I think the studded ones are amazing. 

 I also saw these really cool patterns which I thought were really pretty yet edgy. I'm not sure that I would wear these looks however I think that they are really interesting to take inspiration from. 

x Sophie Louise x

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