Friday, 27 July 2012

My New I Love Shoes!

I have wanted a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots for a while now. I recently posted my shoe wishlist which featured shoes from a shop called Linzi which sells some of the most amazing shoes. I popped into Linzi yesterday to try on the studded boots on my list and I instantly fell in love with them. With a price tag of £50.00 they are still expensive but they are so worth it. I put them back on the shelf and have promised myself that next month I will go back and buy them, but for now I will have to wait. Linzi also had a sale where I found the same style of boot but they are cream lace. They were £20.00 instead of £50.00 so instantly I decided I was going to have them, and I have to say I LOVE them. They are so comfortable and are great for summer to wear with dresses and then in winter tights and jeans. 

 After purchasing them it has made me want the black studded pair even more! 

x Sophie Louise x