Saturday, 14 July 2012

Shoe Wishlist . 1

I'm not normally bothered about having loads of pairs of shoes, in winter I stick to my Dr Martens because there super comfy and in summer ballet pumps or flip flops. The weather in England is pretty rubbish at the moment so i'm still in my shorts and tights combo, however I am getting a bit bored of my same old shoe collection. I have decided to create a shoe wish list, I normally find things I would like when I don't have the money and then when I do I forget about them. So I am hoping that if I create this wish list then hopefully I will actually save and have these items in my wardrobe. They are all from Linzi which isn't a store I normally shop in, however i was browsing through their website and found that I actually wanted most of there shoes! They had a wide range of styles and offered cheaper versions of the shoes I wanted such as the JC Litas and Creepers. 
Whats on your shoe wish list ?  

x Sophie Louise x

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